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About us

The association was founded on 12 May 2005 by 24 founding members – mainly teachers with the support of parents. It was registered with the National Court Register on 20 July 2005 under number 0000237488. On 21 March 2006 we were granted the status of a public benefit organisation. The “Omnibus” Association is the first, and so far the only, association of this type operating on our area.


The Management Board currently consists of:


Grażyna Łebecka – President Joanna Frydrych – Member of the Management Board Jolanta Skrzyńska – Member of the Management Board
Waldemar Januszewski – Vice-President Lilianna Mańka – Member of the Management Board Zbigniew Łebecki – Member of the Management Board


Year of registration: 2005 

Year of obtaining PBO status: 2006

The purpose of the Association

The Association aims to act for the integration and development of the local social environment through providing support to social initiatives in the following areas: culture, education, environmental protection, human rights, health protection, regional and local development, social assistance and in particular:


  1. Comprehensive support of the social activity of citizens for education, schooling and health care.
  2. To initiate the organisation of leisure and out-of-school time activities both in as well as outside of schools.
  3. To promote charity and humanitarian action for social groups such as: persons with disabilities, seniors, homeless, unemployed, children, women and others.


The Association pursues its objectives by:


  1. Measures to promote the development of education and training, in particular by:
    • helping to raise funds for the renovation and modernisation of schools and kindergartens,
    • subsidising the renovation and modernisation of schools and kindergartens,
    • assisting in finance teaching aids, books, school supplies,
    • supporting the organisation of extra-curricular and after-school activities,
    • funding for therapeutic activities for children which require particular attention,
    • organising and supporting funding for school trips and holidays for children and the youth,
    • fund academic and social scholarships for students from families in difficult life situations,
    • financing rewards and other forms of motivation in the educational process,
    • providing financial support for the aims, activities and tasks of school boards of education.

  2. Conducting informational and promotional activities, as well as education and training.
  3. Supporting NGOs in the European integration process.
  4. Supporting the initiatives of individuals and creative communities leading to the development of the Ziemia Pszczyńska Association. 
  5. Health protection and promotion activities.
  6. Prevention of social pathologies through promotion of physical culture and sport.


We are currently raising funds for social assistance for the chronically ill children, help for elderly people with incurable diseases, heart surgery for Filipek, treatment for Ania with haemangioma and a number of other children. In addition, we raise funds for extracurricular activities in rural schools, for a scholarship system, for trips and green schools, for school supplies, for organising, equipping and running a community centre, for ongoing assistance to families in difficult financial circumstances, for implementation of the “Youth in Action” programme, the publication of fairy tales written by primary school children, the organisation of a training conference for teachers titled “I love to read,” the reimbursement of costs of diagnosis and therapy for children with disabilities and chronic illnesses, funding of the children’s group “Hockey’s Hope,” as well as equipment for Local Sports Centres and the Voluntary Fire Brigades.

Registration Documents

ul. Stefana Batorego 26
605 504 842